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Come fly with us! Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills help your dreams take flight.

Generation Beyond Aviation

Bring 21st Century exploration and innovation to life in the classroom with Skunk Works® challenge activities designed for Grades 9–12. Through a virtual field trip inside Skunk Works®, students will be introduced to STEM professionals to learn about their exciting careers and the innovation happening within Lockheed Martin to solve real world problems.

Virtual Field Trip:
Think Like the Skunk Works®

Join us at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® to explore how innovations are helping engineers and scientists build a new generation of aircraft. You’ll meet the top experts in Aerospace who are pushing the boundaries to create designs above and beyond what was previously dreamed of.

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Lockheed Martin paired with Discovery Education to develop new activities for grades 9–12. Each challenge activity offers students the opportunity to use critical thinking and collaboration to solve a real-world problem.


Designed for Service

Challenge students to design or modify an aircraft for humanitarian aid or disaster relief, each requiring remote area access.


Nature-Inspired Aviation

Teams will be challenged to design a drone that can fly in the air and also land in water, using the anatomy of animals as their guide.


Suit Up for Takeoff

Flight suits need to be practical and durable! Teams will be challenged to evaluate materials proposed for a flight suit.


Wildfire Response

Students will investigate the different types of wildfires and how modern technology can help firefighting professionals determine the best response to a fire.


Under the Radar

Teams will be challenged to design an aircraft to evade radar and decide on the optimal solution to do so.

Generation Beyond Space

Soar even higher by exploring our Generation Beyond Space program specifically designed for Middle School Students. It’s out of this world!

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